Ensuring clean hands at all times

One of the most important lessons parents try to teach the kids from a very early age is to wash their hands as often as possible and especially before having a meal. There are a significant number of surveys, and all of them show that washing your hands using antibacterial soap and hot water can prevent a lot of diseases.

Why you should keep your hands clean

When you wash your hands, you protect yourself from some far-reaching and mlsdmclmclsmclmscllscmlsmdclmslcmsdcsdcsdcsddangerous diseases like meningitis, hepatitis, influenza, etc. Kids are prone to catching them because while playing outside, they touch different dirty, full of germs objects and surfaces and those bacteria can be easily transferred to the whole body by unintentionally touching their nose or mouth.

Use warm water or soap thoroughly

It is very simple. All you have to do is to wash your hands properly is to use warm water, or better said as hot as you can stand, apply the soap and lather up for about half a minute. Don’t ignore to clean the space under the nails as well! Rinse and dry with a single-use paper towel.

Use hand sanitizers to kill germs

Sometimes, you feel your hands dirty and filthy, but you don’t have water and soap. That’s why the hand sanitizers have been developed for. They contain a high percentage of ethanol that is capable of killing 99% (according to the labels) of the germs. Let’s take this statement for granted although nothing compares to the soap and the hot water.

Wash your hand after touching dirty things

Ever asked yourself what the nastiest thing you have touched today is? The door handle, the bus seat, the greasy oven in the kitchen? None of these! The latest surveys have proven that the dirtiest things everybody touches without even realizing are the mobile phone and the computer keyboard. Admit it that you don’t wash your hands every time you use your phone or computer.

Create a crucial habit of washing your hands

You might be teaching your kids you keep thknskdcnksndckscknskcnsdcsdcsdcdscsdcsdceir hands clean but what’s the point of telling them a rule you don’t keep too? All you have to do is to create the crucial habit of washing your hands or at least cleaning them with a sanitizer after coughing, sneezing, cooking, before and after eating or touching dirty objects.

Most of us appreciate the health when it’s too late, and they have some problems so try to keep the flu and the other unpleasant diseases away from you by washing your hands on a regular basis and maintaining good personal hygiene.