Click here to visit the free download page01/01/2007: A happy new year to all! After a turbulent year of releases Artificial Bliss has now announced the release of "Sampler 0001", the first ever compilation featuring all of its artists. Featuring 8 of the release highlights of 2006, "Sampler 0001" will be released exclusively on Audiorascal in mid-January. Visit again soon to find out more.

Click here to visit the free download page21/10/2006: Coming this monday - Penny Racer's Last Journey "Beard-free and exciting" EP. A band that has recently taken the luton indie and alternative scene to a new level, this first ever release from the interstellar trio is a brilliant mix of post-punk psychedelia. Also featuring exclusively to Artificial Bliss recordings a remix of "lump it" by our very own Chokai. Download it from the ABR store this monday.

Click here to visit the free download page01/10/2006: Exclusive free download from Irlos now available. "Sier" is a diverse mix of heavy beats, twisted classical piano sounds and atmospheric pads. Progressive and intriguing, and excellent example of the cutting-edge style of electronica from this up and coming underground enigma. Visit again soon for more details of Irlos' up and coming album.

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Blue Hand
Artificial Bliss Recordings - "SAMPLER 0001 " - COMPILATION
OUT MONDAY 05/02/2007

Showcasing the highlights from ABR’s release catalogue in 2006, “Sampler 0001” is a top listen from start to end. If your new to the sounds of Artificial bliss Recordings then this is a perfect starter, featuring all of ABR’s signed artists for a very reasonable price. Exclusively available from Audiorascal.

Preview - "Sampler 0001"
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BLUE HAND - Novokaine - SInGLE

PreviewPreview "Novokaine"
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G-Suss - nervous

Marco Rossi
marco rossi- sweet dreams

irlos- framework ep

chokai - iko - album

HARI ossa- loiie - single

comatose - what a beautiful place - ep

Comatose, AKA Dave Pilcher is a one-man chill-tune production factory based near Brighton in the UK. The instantly likeable "What a beautiful place" is an excellent showpeice of slow and melodic tunes perfect for a sunset haze or evening wind-down. Featuring brilliantly constructed beats, synth pads and acoutic guitars this small 4-track EP is a true delight of creative freedom. A wonderfully rare and delightful release. VWH Care is a great product to help you feel how you did when you were young.

PreviewPreview "What a beautiful place"
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